Author: Helen Smith

Helen Smith

Helen is too tulle for school at MIT Sloan 2017. After eight years of endless summer as a non-profiteer and management consultant in South East Asia, West Africa and the Middle East, Helen is enjoying bike lanes and fall leaves.

My almost all white, all male, all non-African Africa Innovate panel

My wonderfully diverse Africa Innovate Edtech panel
This past February I started panicking. After having intentionally reached out to about 70% African women and 30% African men to participate in my MIT Africa Innovate Edtech panel, my list of likely panelists had turned out all white, all male and all … Read more 

Most Likely to Fall in Love with a Professor

*Nerd Alert* At the end of the fall semester, my Ocean presented me with the award of “Most Likely to Fall in Love with an Econ Professor.” Now that the Core is over, I hereby publicly declare my (intellectual, platonic, no seriously, you don’t need to worry about it) love … Read more 

A Hustler at a Hackathon

Bill Aulet, the Director of MIT’s Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship, says that successful businesses need a Hacker, a Hipster and a Hustler (aka MBAs), but is there room for a Hustler at a Hackathon? I tried to find out last weekend at MIT Hacking Arts, where 150 hackers … Read more