Author: Jose Miguel Belloso Lara

Jose Miguel Belloso Lara

Jose is an entrepreneur and engineer with a passion for innovation, technology, art and politics. Jose is part of the Sloan MBA Class of 2017 and hopes to help others in their quest to join the amazing community of MIT's Sloan School of Management.


From fall to finals: What I’ve learned

Our first day of classes started with orientation almost 3 months ago, a time period that seems so close yet so far away, from the experience perspective so much has happened that it makes you feel like you’ve lost the sense of time.
From the beginning of day one I was clear … Read more 

From hometown to Sloan-town

It’s hard to believe that’s been almost over a year since I started the journey to get to B-School.  A year ago I was in the same place, my hometown of Caracas, Venezuela, but under very different circumstances: prepping for the GMAT; Excruciating and nightmare-like perfectly describe what I experienced … Read more