Author: Josh Chen

Josh Chen

Josh is a second year MBA student at the MIT Sloan School of Management where he's focusing on operations management in the retail, transportation, and tech industries.

New Beginnings

January brings a new year for all of us. For some, it comes with new resolutions. For the US it means a new president. For many first year MBAs at Sloan it marks the start of on-campus recruiting. For second year MBAs, whose days of internship recruiting are far behind … Read more 

10 Memories From a Summer At Nike

The 2016 Nike Sloan MBA Intern Class (well 11 out of 12 of us)

Building deeper relationships with fellow Sloan MBA interns. Sloan had 12 MBA interns at Nike this summer, more than any other school across 180 undergraduate and graduate interns.
Being comfortable at work. Wearing a t-shirt and shorts on … Read more 

Year in Review (as told by WhatsApp)

Whether you come to Sloan or not, group messaging will probably serve as the command and control center of your business school experience. I use Whatsapp, Groupme, and Slack daily, and I’m sure there are a number of other apps out there I’m missing out on too.
I scrolled through my substantial … Read more 

With Great Flexibility Comes Great Opportunity

One of the principal tenets we learn in Intro to Operations Management is “a little bit of flexibility goes a long way.” At Sloan you’ll quickly find you have a lot of flexibility, which goes a really long way in making this experience unique, memorable, and incredibly fulfilling. In case you’re … Read more 

The January Independent Activities Period

It’s January, which is a magical time to be an MIT student, because spring semester classes don’t begin until February. But more than having a break from classes, this time is special because it allows each one of us to spend it slightly differently, whether that’s focusing on summer internship recruiting, … Read more 

Boulder Pre-Function

Sloan Pre-Functions (abbreviated Pre-F(x)) are student-led, non-academic trips that take place at the end of August and beginning of September each year. The trips provide incredible opportunities for incoming MBA students and their significant others to meet in fun environments before plunging into the core semester. 
The weekend before orientation began I … Read more 

Learn by Doing

I was in the middle of writing a post about the pre-orientation Pre-Function trip to Boulder, CO I went on, but something occurred to me this week that I feel compelled to share. (For those of you wondering, “what really goes down during these Pre-Function trips?” you’ll have your answer soon … Read more 

Hello World

Hi everyone. My name is Josh Chen and I’ll be a first year MBA student this fall. With this and future blog posts I plan on sharing my experiences as a Sloanie so that potential applicants have a chance to see how incredible it is to be a part of … Read more