Author: Nick Del Vecchio

Nick Del Vecchio

Licensed mechanical engineer and entrepreneur-in-training, Nick is pursuing an MBA at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Having recently relocated from Denver back home to Boston, he looks forward to vaulting himself firmly into the unfamiliar, both at Sloan and within the larger MIT community.


Transatlantic Cordon Bleu

I have several unusual culinary proclivities. When I was a child, I would ask to be excused from the dinner table and scrape my plate behind the floral-patterned couch in the living room, the one against the far wall. Oddly, although this home-cooked food caused great aversion, I’ve always looked … Read more 

Back to School with Stories of Summer

There are few things I find more irritating than the sound of a mosquito in my ear as I drift off to sleep, especially when the probability that mosquito carries malaria is greater than zero. I’m lying on the top of my sheets in a neighborhood on the outskirts of … Read more 

Advice from the E-Chair

Four Southwest Airlines workers hover above the fuselage of Flight 2814 in suspended buckets, covering the aircraft in de-icing fluid. Winter Storm Kayla has caused the cancellation of nearly half the flights departing Denver today. Southwest seems undeterred. I can’t recall ever taking off in such inhospitable weather. As I … Read more 

The Hackathon: An MIT Tradition

It’s 3AM at the MIT Media Lab and my team and I begin to show signs of mental and physical fatigue. We are in the middle of a 24-hour hackathon, developing an idea in response to a prompt from high-fidelity speaker company, SONOS, concerning the ultimate in-home audio experience. In … Read more 

A Tetanus Shot and The Infinite Corridor

She pulls the needle out of my arm as I try to think of any pertinent questions. She has already explained the entire TDAP abbreviation to me, which I have forgotten almost immediately.
“All of your MIT pre-matriculation medical requirements have now been satisfied!”
“Wonderful! Only one question: do you happen to … Read more