Drinking from the fire hose

Drinking from the hose

So how was my week? Let me see…

  • I met Robin Chase, the co-founder of ZipCar, in a conference around a concept she calls “Peer Inc”
  • I participated in an Open Pitch where local young entrepreneurs presented their ideas to the founder of PayPal, Yelp, and other companies
  • I played a 4-hour simulation as an assignment for my Intro to Operations class
  • I met with the consulting friends who I hadn’t seen in a long time and got together to play pool (but Boston is their home, and MIT is their key recruiting place!)
  • I attended the kick-off of the public speaking club,  the Latin American Business Club, the Entertainment & Media Club,… (in other words, I didn’t pay for a single lunch in the whole week and I met incredible people) – I decided to pursue leadership positions in some of them!
  • I met excited second years students who were dancing at the Sloan cafeteria because they had just received their ideal offers for their full time jobs – I ended up joining them, and taught a little salsa! (BTW, this was a Wednesday night)
  • I met executives from P&G, TripAdvisor, Nasdaq, National Public Radio (and other ~ 5 companies) who came to promote projects (In my Enterprise Management Lab, we get to choose a company to help in a consulting-like project, working side by side with executives in actual problems!)
  • I won the raffle of MIT’s Visual Art Center, and received a beautiful piece of art from Cindy Sherman
  • I had 2 practices of soccer, 1 game (in which we beat Babson 3-0!), a practice of volley and +10 hours of bike
  • I went to the first C-Function of the year (an awesome cultural party we have every other Thursday)
  • I went to 2 talks of technology -one by Google and one by Bain
  • We organized a potluck brunch with the Pacifics (my section) on Saturday
  • Had a classic Argentine Asado (BBQ) with fellow Argentineans who live in Boston/Cambridge (MIT/Harvard/Hult students)
  • Went to a “Wine & Cheese” with HASS (Harvard Argentine Student Society) on Thursday to break up the week
  • Had a super-interesting super-reflective leadership session with an MIT coach
  • Signed up to the case competition of the Entertainment & Media Club, and the soccer tournament at Yale for next week
  • Annnnnd, on top of all this I prepared 7 cases, delivered 2 homeworks, attended 11 sessions and 3 recitations of my 7 classes

So, how was it? I would say “average”.



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  1. As a recruiting tool, this is a great post – this gets me super amped about the idea of attending MIT Sloan. Thanks for sharing!

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