Finance at Sloan – A Note for Prospectives

Growing up in central China, I always held a deep passion for infrastructure projects. It was the transportation and telecommunication facilities that allowed me to see and to continuously explore the unknown world. This motivated me to study Civil Engineering during my undergraduate and graduate studies and to join a construction firm afterwards.

With experience, I realized that even the best engineering knowledge was not enough to get projects done. Bridges and roads could not be built with an empty pocket. Therefore, I applied to Sloan with an aim of studying finance.

With very limited finance knowledge, I started my exploration at Sloan. I joined the Finance Track because I did not know where and how to start. The Track provided an effective way to channel my interest in finance and the needed guidance for a finance-novice like me to start off on the right path. The core classes, together with the Track’s required curriculum, provided a strong foundation. Afterwards, the varieties of advanced finance courses such as Corporate Finance and Entrepreneurial Finance allowed me to deepen studies based on my own interests. Meanwhile, student clubs such as Finance Club and Finance & Policy Club, helped me to connect with classmates with similar interests and to broaden my networks in relevant industry. MIT Golub Center for Finance and Policy provided a platform for me to research the impact of government regulations on financial institutions.

Through the two years of study, what I learned went far deeper than the discount cash model and the basics. I had the opportunity to learn about various applications of finance theories such as the valuations in M&As and start-ups. Most importantly, I got to know the history of modern finance at Sloan. The birth place of modern finance, MIT Sloan is home to many finance legacy theories such as Black-Scholes-Merton Option Pricing Model and Modigliani-Miller (MM) Theorems.

If you’re interested in learning more, please join us on May 13th at the Focus on Finance Symposium.  This link will give you more details about the event and a registration form.

Look forward to seeing you at Sloan!

Wendy Yuwen

Weiyuan (Wendy) Yuwen is a MBA Candidate in the MIT Sloan School of Management Class of 2017. She is involved in Finance&Policy Club, Finance Club, Sloan Board Fellowship and Graduate Student Leadership Fellowship. Prior to Sloan, Wendy worked as a civil engineer and pursues a career in infrastructure investment to serve developing communities.


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