From hometown to Sloan-town

It’s hard to believe that’s been almost over a year since I started the journey to get to B-School.  A year ago I was in the same place, my hometown of Caracas, Venezuela, but under very different circumstances: prepping for the GMAT; Excruciating and nightmare-like perfectly describe what I experienced when preparing for the test (and most people, unless you’re a GMAT lover, and clearly from Mars), you want your score, you want it fast and you want to be done with it.

After the GMAT, you might think things would get easier, well they didn’t and along came one of the most challenging parts: applications. This process involves such level of research and so many decisions, Where to apply? What’s my story? Who will be my recommenders?  Are my essays “good” enough? among others. Well yes, I did my research, like many reviewed B-School pages, blogs (like this one), job statistics, opinions, and the classic poets & quants web page.  If you were lucky enough, you’ve had the opportunity to visit campus prior to applying, but in my case (and of most internationals) this didn’t occur. However you might be lucky enough to have the Admissions Office coming your way, check out their events for the summer and fall in the following link.

At that moment I had my reduced list of B-Schools that I would be applying to, with Sloan as one of them; Tech, Entrepreneurship and Innovation were the main characteristics that I perceived of Sloan at that time, also my engineer background seemed like a great fit for an engineering school, but would there be real humbleness and collaborative environment among such greatness? Would it be theory over practice? I was unclear at the time. Anyways application finished, application sent.

The 2015 snow and winter season of Boston was heavier than expected, in consequence extra patience was required to wait for “The” email, yup, that one that invites you to an interview to continue forward in this process. Extra snow implied extra days for “the” email to be sent out, but D day finally came, and yes the excitement of being invited was rewarding.

It was at this moment that I would have the opportunity to interview in Campus, tour around, feel the environment and talk to students and faculty to feel what Sloan was truly about: A technology atmosphere strikes you immediately when in campus, the world renowned MIT Media Lab makes you feel in the presence of world changing innovation and Entrepreneurship is part of Sloan’s DNA, with a wall of startups that have launched or are in the process of that inspire you to be part of this wave of impact and change.

Now, regarding my concerns, I was truly impressed to discover that MIT’s greatness lies in the humbleness of its community, a myriad of backgrounds who share a common bond to help you succeed in whatever path you decide to pursue. This collaborative environment is what keeps alive its motto of “Mens et Manus” or “Mind and Hand” a philosophy of action learning through every step of the way.

All of these elements are what have me here, one year later, ready to change my hometown for Sloan-town in what will be the next two amazing years .

Jose Miguel Belloso Lara

Jose is an entrepreneur and engineer with a passion for innovation, technology, art and politics. Jose is part of the Sloan MBA Class of 2017 and hopes to help others in their quest to join the amazing community of MIT's Sloan School of Management.


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