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Hi everyone. My name is Josh Chen and I’ll be a first year MBA student this fall. With this and future blog posts I plan on sharing my experiences as a Sloanie so that potential applicants have a chance to see how incredible it is to be a part of the MIT Sloan community.

I’m excited to have my first summer off since undergrad (I stopped working at the end of April), but I’m even more excited to meet my amazing Class of 2017 Sloanies over the next few months and once we’re all in Cambridge at the end of August. At the beginning of May I spent six weeks traveling throughout Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia. While in Japan I was fortunate enough to meet up with two of my future classmates who introduced me to some of the incredible food Tokyo has to offer.

Sloanies touring a Tokyo temple.

Some Sloanies touring a Tokyo temple.

Since round one admissions offers went out at the end of 2014, Sloanies have been coordinating informal get-togethers around the world. Scanning through recent discussion threads, my future classmates have met up or will soon be meeting up with each other in Boston, Washington, DC, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Atlanta, Delhi, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Madrid, Barcelona, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Egypt, and Thailand, among other amazing destinations. It’s incredible to see how far our Class of 2017 reaches around the world and the level of geographic, cultural, and educational diversity that the admissions team has cultivated within the Sloan community. As I write this, I bet there are Sloanies meeting up in some exotic location to share refreshing beverages, local delicacies, and a lifetime of memories. My classmates sound so cool. Have I mentioned that I can’t wait to meet all of them?

Later this summer, many of us first year students will be fortunate enough to participate in a Sloan Pre-Function before classes officially begin in September. From the Pre-Function website:

Sloan Pre-Functions, or Pre-F(x) as we’d like to call them, are student-led, non-academic trips that take place at the end of August / beginning of September each year. The trips are an incredible opportunity for the incoming class of MBA students, as well as their SO* and children, to meet and bond with each other in a fun environment before classes start. The trips are led by 2nd year MBA students, so it’s also a great opportunity to connect with and learn from the previous class.

*Sloan lingo translation: SO = Significant Other (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, partner, etc.)

Pre-F(x) are a great start to your Sloan experience. From rafting and hiking in the Northeast to a tropical paradise in Costa Rica, there is a little something for everyone! We highly recommend you sign up for a Pre-F(x) that is a good fit for your schedule and travel preferences.

I am lucky enough to be embarking on the Boulder, CO Pre-F(x), where we will spend our time hiking, biking, drinking craft beer, and doing everything else they do in Colorado. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of memories and photos to share after our weekend in Boulder, but until then, I’ll be trying to make a dent in my ever growing summer reading list, which includes countless recommendations from, you guessed it, my fellow Sloanies.

Josh Chen

Josh is a second year MBA student at the MIT Sloan School of Management where he's focusing on operations management in the retail, transportation, and tech industries.

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