LGBTQ Ambassadors Day 2016


Every semester, the Admissions Office at MIT Sloan and the LGBTQ Club organize an all-day event for prospective students of the LGBTQ community who want to hear more about life at MIT Sloan. This fall, the event was held on October 20th, and we had in attendance over 20 visitors from a variety of backgrounds, some of them in the process of applying and some others deciding whether an MBA is the best next step in their lives and if MIT Sloan is the right place to pursue it.

The day was divided into seven blocks (it is quite a thorough event!) that provide all prospective students with a comprehensive vision of what life at MIT Sloan is like. Although current students are not present in all sessions (we still have classes to attend!), I was lucky to be there for more than half of the sessions and interact with this amazing group of highly talented individuals.

The first session, an official welcome by the Student Life Office, was full of information regarding all the resources that MIT Sloan students have in the form of clubs, study tours, treks, networking events and mentoring opportunities. As usual, prospective students were incredibly excited about the opportunity of taking club leadership roles from the moment they start their program (and very interested in clubs such as the Micro-Brewing Association, Net Impact and Vintners Club).

Afterwards, we proceeded to have lunch with current LGBTQ students, both second and first year (special thanks to all the 1st year club members who were able to join us despite having two midterms that day!). This lunch, as always, was a great opportunity to have personal interactions and to share with them our experiences applying to MIT Sloan and, more importantly, to tell them about the incredibly welcoming, accepting and supporting community at MIT. To prove this last point, we only had to tell them about the Job Equality Pledge, an initiative of the LGBTQ Club in conjunction with other Business Schools to have all students sign a pledge to not discriminate in the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation. These pledge was in full force during this same day (busy week for the club), so they were able to experience the commitment of the club and the participation of all the students.

After lunch, the prospective students were taken into different classes so that they could experience how a class at MIT Sloan is like. I was able to take some of them to the Pricing Class (a must-take class!) and, even though it was the last class of the semester and more of a recap session, the prospective students really enjoyed it and found it so interesting that they even asked the professor for her contact information, which she graciously shared.

The following sessions were information on the Career Development Office, Action Learning and Admissions Overview. Although I was not present for either of those, later I learned that most of the participants were pleasantly surprised about the fact that MIT Sloan does not require you to have a concrete plan for after school to apply, and instead focus on your previous achievements, knowing that a lot of us are here to explore new fields.

To finalize the day, we all went to have dinner at a pizza place near campus. It was the perfect way to end a day full of activities and for us to have another chance to interact with these amazing applicants, hoping to see them in the near future as our colleagues in campus.


Andres Huerta Monsivais

Andres Huerta is an MBA 2017 Candidate at MIT Sloan. Originally from Mexico, he has worked as a management consultant in the past and is now a VP in the LGBTQ Club. He has sported the costume of Tim the Beaver, the MIT official mascot, and considers it one of the best moments in his MBA.



  1. This sounds like such an amazing prospective event! Will there be one next year, if so, when?! I’d love to participate! Thanks for all that you do!

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