One Semester Left …

5 months till graduation. 5 months till my MBA experience will be all over. While it seems so short, these next months will be filled with classes, projects, trips and parties. I will strive to make the most of my time, and when finished I know I’ll have some fond memories to look back upon. It’s hard to think though, that just 2 years ago, I was getting myself in the mindset to attend business school, nervous about what the future held for me.

This last semester and these last several weeks of MIT’s IAP have taught me so much about myself and my ambitions. I chose to enroll in a course called Global Entrepreneurship Lab (GLab), where students in teams of 4 are paired up with a company in a developing country. The semester is spent working remotely and solving a specific project for that company. It then culminates with 3 weeks of on-site work with that same company in the January IAP. Other schools may have something similar, but having the 3 weeks of on-site work is very rare to find in our peer schools and makes a large difference.

The company my team worked with was a major producer of fishmeal in Peru. I knew nothing about the industry or the engineering that went behind capturing millions of tons of fish and converting them to meal, but it was fascinating to learn and experience. While our project shifted scope many times, I got to see how all of the different functions of business work together to solve problems and innovate inside of a company. We toured the multiple plants through out Peru and boarded fishing vessels that this company had and it left me with a strong understanding of how we could find ways to capture incremental value.

Our final deliverable to the CEO was a set of 5 recommendations the company should implement in the short, medium, and long term. We built several financial models and talked with over 20 industry experts and suppliers as we detailed out operational and strategic improvements for the company.  In the end I had a strong sense of accomplishment and excitement that I could take on any project and use my skills to synthesize new information to make a valuable impact.

Once finished the consulting engagement, we spent a week traveling around Peru and saw some amazing sites. I bonded with 3 of my teammates and had a blast trekking around Peru. This class / opportunity will define a large part of why an MBA at Sloan was worth my time, effort and money.

As I look forward to what this new semester will bring, I have a sense of relief in that I have a great set of friends, I know where I will be working after my schooling is finished and that I have confidence to be a strong leader. While the past 18 months have been a roller coaster of emotions, I hope that I can now take a deep breath and have a great last semester.


Machu Picchu Trip

Rainbow Mountain Hike in Cusco, Peru

Aman Nalavade

Aman Nalavade is a member of the 2017 MBA class at Sloan MIT. He previously worked at Citadel Investment Group as a financial engineer utilizing his computer science and mathematical abilities. Aman isn't sure about what his future holds, just that he wants to solve strategical problems for organizations. In his free time, Aman loves to trail run, and play ultimate frisbee. He hopes this blog provides readers with some insights and stories about what goes on in the mind of a Sloan MIT MBA student.

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