Sloan Love: Thoughts from a Married Couple at Sloan

Here at Sloan, we take pride in our community, and this community easily extends to SOs – significant others.

So in the midst of meeting new people and building relationships during the first semester at Sloan, a common ice-breaker question is: “Are you a Sloanie or an SO?” The question is helpful, as it helps direct follow-up questions. Should you commiserate over the latest problem set, or should you ask about what your new acquaintance is up to in Boston? For me, I get a good laugh out of the question because I’m both a Sloanie and an SO. Indeed, like a handful of my other classmates, I entered Sloan with my SO – in this case, my wife.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect going to the same business school as my wife. Certainly, the idea appealed to both of us, and we prioritized attending the same school above other factors. At the same time, we weren’t entirely sure what to expect.  Would we be weirdly always together? Would our classes overlap? Applying together was stressful enough; would studying and recruiting together be equally overwhelming?

The early results have been very promising. We have been placed in different Oceans (a.k.a. sections/cohorts), which has helped us maintain individual experiences. At the same time, having shared experiences and similar schedules have made life so much easier. Already in our first few months, we’ve been able to travel to a remote island in Maine (rafting pre-orientation trip) and to Sonoma (Vintner’s club SIP trek) together. In addition, we have loved being able to meet a wider network of Sloanies through our combined social circles.

Thus far, the main challenge for us has been to avoid letting school consume our lives. Disengaging from “work mode” is all the tougher when your SO is working on the same assignments. We’ve quickly learned that spending evenings working side by side does not count as quality time together, so we’ve made a special effort to get out of the house and enjoy dinner together whenever possible.

It’s been quite the experience being both a Sloanie and an SO! Spending these two years in the same MBA program will undoubtedly be a unique chapter of our lives.



Andrew Kao

Andrew is a first year MBA student. Prior to Sloan, he worked at Google and at an economic consulting firm. He also interned at Everlane this past summer and hopes to pursue opportunities in the retail/tech space after business school. Born and raised in California, he is terrified of the Boston winter and struggles to stay awake watching his beloved LA sports teams.

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