Author: Eilon Shalev

Mens et Manus and Blockchain Startup @ MIT Sloan, part 2 #epicsummer

Well, my 2018 summer was fascinating. I worked on my startup, elphi, Inc., from R3’s NYC office, designing our dApp (decentralized application), or better said CordApp (an application that runs on the Corda platform). Corda is R3’s powerful Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) protocol. Given the relatively new public awareness of … Read more 

Hidden Resource @ MIT Sloan #facultyandstaff

A few months ago, I took part in one of the faculty lunches offered at MIT Sloan. It is a casual lunch with a professor, open to ten to fifteen current students looking to engage in an in‑depth discussion about topics related to Sloan. Someone asked our host: “what is … Read more 

Mens et Manus and Blockchain startup @ MIT Sloan #ideasmadetomatter

It is not a secret that MIT promotes the Mens et Manus, or mind and hand, approach. To me personally, that spirit means a great deal. Coming from Israel—the startup nation—I had considered MIT Sloan the best place at which I could start my own technology company, hoping to change … Read more 

How to relocate as a married international student; hint: arrive early, bribe your SO

There is a plethora of factors affecting the way you could start your MBA experience; I chose to move in as early as possible and have done so on July 27. Relocation can be overwhelming, especially for international students, like me, who embark on their inaugural journey outside their home … Read more