Author: Emily LeStrange

Emily LeStrange

Emily LeStrange is a 2nd year MBA Student at MIT Sloan School of Management.

#SloaniesHelpingSloanies – Putting Sloan Values into Practice

Emily LeStrange, MIT Sloan MBA 2019
If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably Googled the question “Why MIT Sloan?” a few times before, during, and even after the MBA application process. Your search results (all 13.2M of them) probably included references to Sloan’s rigorous and rewarding coursework, robust entrepreneurial ecosystem, … Read more 

What Fintech Taught Me About Leadership

Emily LeStrange, MBA 2019
One of the main reasons I chose to attend MIT Sloan was for the school’s prominent role in the so-called world of “fintech”. MIT Sloan Professor Antoinette Schoarfirst articulated it best – At the intersection of finance and technology, fintech was almost made for MIT. The … Read more