First Half Semester Reflections

To say that my journey through the first semester has been a whirlwind is an understatement. Through the first 2 months, my core team (assigned group of six to seven students from my “ocean” or cohort) has gelled to become best of friends and we can count on each other to help out if there are tough subjects that need explaining, or volunteer to take on portions of team assignments and homework assignments that may take each of us out of our comfort zones.

My ocean (Go Mediterraneans!) is extremely social and very inviting. We have weekly ocean activities, everyone in the ocean is extremely welcoming and I even participated in my first “Friendsgiving,” in which each ocean member brought a meal item to share and enjoy each other’s company. I feel the cohort experience has been my favorite part of being a student at Sloan, and I know I’ll develop long-standing bonds with my ocean after we stop taking courses together in December.

I’ve also been able to participate in a lot of activities outside of the classroom and really start to scratch the surface of what Sloan and MIT has to offer. I am on the media committees for the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, working with media members to ensure quality coverage of the event, and Breaking the Mold, which works to design ideas and solutions to “hack” areas such as gender parity and discrimination. Seeing that gender parity has always been a passion of mine as I’ve previously worked in male dominated industries and would like to see more women leadership in finance, I feel a great sense of pride that Sloan has provided resources to allow us an avenue to derive tangible solutions to tackle tough issues.

As an elected Sloan Senator, I also have the ability to work on my passion of increasing the numbers of underrepresented minorities and women at Sloan through various committees within the Senate. To know that MIT has our back as we work to drive positive change throughout Sloan means the world to me and further validates my decision to come to such a welcoming, inclusive environment.

As the semester continues, I want to reach beyond the walls of Sloan and get more engaged with the startups on campus. I know there are a plethora of bright students who are working on incredible ideas (as witnessed by attending the Delta V presentation). I really feel that the sky is the limit as it relates to my two years at Sloan, and this first half of the semester is just the beginning.

Dela Gbordzoe

Dela is a second year MBA in the Class of 2019 from Houston, Texas. During his summer, he interned with Google's Customer and Partner Operations Group in Sunnyvale, CA. During the fall of 2018, Dela interned at DraftKings in Boston within the Product Operations group, focusing on NASCAR and the NHL. Prior to MIT, Dela worked for 7 years in accounting and finance. Dela enjoys Texas A&M sports, collecting sports memorabilia, and being an early adopter for all things related to tech.


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