MBA Class of 2020

Candid insights and reflections about MIT Sloan from MBA Class of 2020 candidates. Readers are welcome to comment at the bottom of the individual blog post.

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A Day In The Life @ MIT Sloan


Hi everyone!
My name is Isaac Santos and I’m a Class of 2020 MBA student at MIT Sloan. I’ve very much enjoyed my time at Sloan so far and am excited to share what a typical day looks like for me. But, before getting started, I’ll share a little bit … Read more 

Diving Into Internship Recruiting

Disclaimer: My advice stems from personal experience with internship recruiting as a Sloan 1Y. Take from this what works for you!
There are already countless resources to support MBA recruiting. For a fresh perspective, I informally polled friends on what they wish was talked about more often. The top picks were … Read more 

Sustainability Beyond Sloan


“Undersea explorer goes deeper than any solo diver in history and finds plastic bag”
Such was the headline this week. Growing up in an age when virtually anything is a swipe away from two-hour delivery has allowed us to live a life of unprecedented convenience. I’m certainly guilty of this. … Read more 

Planting Seeds Over IAP


Over the MIT Independent Activities Period (IAP), I had the opportunity to travel to Ghana to start an agribusiness focused on cashew production and processing. While I began working with family members in Ghana on the idea last summer, during my first semester at MIT Sloan, I’ve had the … Read more 

How to prep for your MBA (aka Your Best Summer Yet)


You’ve probably spent the past few months writing essays, flying to interviews, staring at your inbox, maybe even screaming excitedly into your phone (or was that just me?). Finally, it’s starting to come together: you’ve accepted your spot in MIT Sloan’s MBA program!
What’s next? As you get ready for your … Read more 

Pursuing an MBA as a parent


To all the parents and parents-to-be out there who are considering an MBA program, and have concerns over this pursuit, I assure you that it is doable! I started my MBA with a five-month-old and can say that it is definitely hard, but totally possible and worth it. I wanted … Read more 

Sloan and Sports

“What do you think about the Bryce Harper signing with the Phillies?” I asked Mike Petriello, current Stats Analyst for Major League Baseball and podcast host and former writer for baseball analytics website
This is why I signed up to be part of the Organizing Committee for the MIT Sloan … Read more 

Celebrating Women of Sloan: Lydia Li

Sloan Women in Management (SWIM) is the nexus and springboard for each class of MBA women. Our mission is to increase opportunities for all women at MIT Sloan through networking events, speaker series, professional development workshops, and mentorship programs. We also work in close partnership with Sloan’s Male Allies group … Read more 

Staying Your Course


Eric Eliasson MBA 2020
As soon as I started at Sloan, I realized just how easy it was to get drawn into others’ paths and choices. I often found myself getting caught up in the sway and rush of what my outstanding peers were doing. Which elective should I take? … Read more