MBA Class of 2021

Candid insights and reflections about MIT Sloan from MBA Class of 2021 candidates. Readers are welcome to comment at the bottom of the individual blog post.

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Diving into the Bustling MIT Ecosystem – Reflections from the Core Semester

My first semester here at MIT has now officially come to a close, and the experience has been nothing short of incredible. I came into the semester with a basic level of knowledge on what to expect in the ensuing months, as I’m sure many MBA students did, but now … Read more 

Three Learnings from My First Month at MIT Sloan

 A few reflections from my first first month at Sloan.
1. Take advantage of your time before Sloan.
There are a lot of shiny objects in business school. Ruthless prioritization is easier said than done.
To mitigate the whirlwind of information overload, do some of the legwork before matriculating. I had … Read more 

Leveraging your ‘Less-Quant’ Background

As I prepare for my upcoming Economics and Financial Accounting mid-terms, I cannot help but reflect and laugh at how as an undergrad at Tufts University I took ‘Symmetry’ to fulfill my math requirement, and now I am earning my MBA at MIT Sloan, the mecca of anything and everything … Read more