A Peek Into the Life of a Master of Business Analytics (MBAn) student at MIT Sloan

The Master of Business Analytics program at MIT Sloan is much more than just classroom learning. It’s more about having vibrant experiences, celebrating successes together, working collectively on assignments and most importantly making new friends.

Being a one year program makes the schedule very rigorous and hectic but we don’t miss out on having fun and networking with a lot of people. What makes this program special is the “Work hard and play harder” attitude of people.

I will talk about the different aspects of the life of a student in the MBAn program at MIT Sloan.

 First Few Weeks in College: Building a Network

Our first week started with attending presentations and the graduation ceremony of students from the program’s previous year. It was a great way to network with “soon to be alumni” and learn more about their experiences.

Introductory Sessions and Project Adventure: Having Fun and Getting to Know Everyone

Next came one week of introductory sessions and trainings with software tools. This helped us get familiar with softwares which would be used throughout the semester. A week of rigorous sessions were then followed with a fantastic day of adventurous activities. It was amazing getting to know everyone outside of classes.


Coursework: Great Way to Collaborate With Classmates

In the last semester, most of the students took six courses comprising of probability and statistics, machine learning, optimization, analytics lab etc. While there were courses which were technically very advanced, there were also courses which taught us a lot about soft skills. However, one aspect which was common in all classrooms was working in groups to complete assignments and forming teams to work on projects. Most of the students formed different teams for each of these courses, thus helping in getting to know everyone.

Maine Retreat: A Short Relaxing Getaway After Mid-Terms

One of the most amazing part of our experience at MIT has been the retreat to Maine, which took place right after mid-term exams. Getting a short break after months of hard work was necessary and beyond explanation. Pleasant weather with a bit of hiking, kayaking, late night games and most importantly forming teams for cooking food says a lot about the great bonding people developed in this program.

In short, my experience here has been incredible. Even though we have long study hours, hectic days and little sleep, we don’t forget to have fun and make a lot of friends. In the end it is all about the people you meet and work with that makes the experience at MIT Sloan special.

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