MBAn Class of 2020

Candid insights and reflections about MIT Sloan from Master of Business Analytics Class of 2020 candidates. Readers are welcome to comment at the bottom of the individual blog post.

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Optimizing My Approach to the Fall Semester as an MBAn Student


As a brief introduction, my name is Alison Borenstein, and I am an MIT Sloan MBAn Candidate for 2020. I hope that my perspective on the Master of Business Analytics Program will be helpful for those interested in joining the class of 2021 and beyond.
Some background on me: Prior to … Read more 

My first month as a Sloan MBAn student

MBAn Hike

Some of the MBAns making time for a hike nearby
There’s a saying at MIT Sloan that going to school here is like trying to drink water from a firehose.
After one month as an MBAn student, I now see the truth behind that expression.
I’d like to clarify one part of … Read more