MFin Class of 2015

Candid insights and reflections about MIT Sloan from MFin Class of 2015 candidates. Readers are welcome to leave relevant comments at the bottom of the individual blogpost.

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A message to Class of 2016 and beyond


Last week, for many reasons I decided to make a trip to E62, the Sloan building I now proudly call “home.” As a habit, I swung by the area behind the Cafe, only to find all of our student folders gone. Only then did it feel so real to me that I … Read more 

The road ahead


It has been two weeks since I graduated from MIT. As I eagerly anticipate starting my postgraduate career as a private equity analyst, I can’t help but reflect upon all the things that I have experienced this past year. But first, let me share with you some nice pictures that … Read more 

Goodbyes and Friendships


Today I am leaving Boston. As one friend after another departed in the course of last week it slowly started dawning on me: my time at MIT is coming to an end. Without hesitation I will say that this brief albeit intense experience was probably the single most important one … Read more 

How to take 8 classes and survive MIT


MIT Sloan finals are less than a week away so I feel this is an an opportune time to share with you how I was able to take the maximum number of credits (54) at Sloan and still have time for other things aka “a life”.
This semester, I took (for credit):
1) Entrepreneurial … Read more 

What makes an MFin?


To the class of 2016: Congratulations again on your acceptance and hope you have made the decision to join MIT Sloan.
In this post I’ll be sharing with you 3 things that have defined my experience as an MFin.
1) The professors here are truly world class, not just reputation-wise, but also … Read more 

Three Highlights from My MFin Experience To-Date

The past 8 months have been amazing in terms of the things I’ve learned and the people I’ve met. To give you a sense of my time here at MIT, I’ve selected three experiences that I particularly treasure.
Starting a Venture – One of the things that you quickly realize when … Read more 

Congratulations, Class of 2016!

Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to those admitted today into the MIT MFin Class of 2016! Congratulations on your hard work, be very proud of yourselves!!! 😀
Once your heart starts beating normally again, please take a moment to share this good news with your loved ones and to … Read more 

Need a course recommendation for IAP? There is one must-take

It’s January, also known as the Independent Activities Period (IAP), which means that MFins, like most MIT students, aren’t required to take any formal classes. Some of us simply wanted to get a break from the fall semester that we just had. Others chose to do the Finance Research … Read more 

Introducing Trader Joes to Canada

Hi all,
The extremely active nature of Sloan’s many clubs and societies ensures that a plethora of invites land into your inbox each week. Whilst many of these conferences and competitions sound interesting, an already packed schedule prevents participation in much of what is on offer. It was during the … Read more 

Finance Research Practicum (FRP)

After a busy winter, 2 major snowstorms, and a glorious Super Bowl victory, it is time for the final semester to begin! But first, let me introduce you to what I’ve been working on throughout the month of January. The FRP is an intensive full-time course over January in which … Read more 

Leadership 360 opportunity

Hi all,
As the New Year approaches, I would like to encourage all prospective students to look into the Leadership 360 program offered to MFins. It is a personalized leadership development and coaching program where you get to objectively see what others think of you as a leader and set goals … Read more 

It’s Statistics, Stupid*

When was the last time you thought about statistics, and I mean reaaally thought about statistics? For those of you who said “why yes, just recently I was reading a paper in Econometrica on ‘A Practical Two-Step Method for Testing Moment Inequalities‘”, this question may come across as insulting. … Read more