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Three weeks of the fall semester have passed in the blink of an eye. Following the amazing experience of the Sea Function dinner/dance around the Boston Harbor are the highly-anticipated fall classes. So do tons of company presentations and the upcoming career fairs. It’s always so inspiring to see how driven and determined my fellow classmates are towards landing a great career, and I feel extremely lucky to be part of this talented and self-motivated community.

On the Spirit of Boston cruise with my lovely classmates :)

On the Spirit of Boston cruise with my lovely classmates 🙂


The week before started to distinguish itself by the amount of emails we received on the daily basis. And I would like to mimic the way Alvaro has described his day during the summer term by briefly recording my schedule on one of the weekdays last week. While it’s likely that this won’t be the typical day throughout the fall semester, but I found it to be meaningful to memorise.


7:30 Went to Sloan and grabbed a brief breakfast

8:00 Had a scheduled coffee chat with company rep from Bain at E62 Café

9:00 Another coffee chat with BCG rep in Sloan

10:00-11:30 Advanced Corp Fin class

12:00-1:00 Intro to Algorithm lecture

1:00-2:30 Fun moments to discuss Options and Futures with Prof Cox

2:30-4:00 Went back to Ashdown and changed into “office lady” attire

4:00-6:00 Mini-career fair at Kresge Lawn

6:30-8:30 Goldman Sachs presentation

8:30 Went back and read the cases for tomorrow’s lecture


I start to echo the candid words shared by Prof Wang Jiang during the first day of orientation. At MIT, out of study, sleep and fun, we could have at most two. I came from a undergrad in Singapore, where students tend to actively attend career fairs just like here in the US. Nevertheless, I am still constantly overwhelmed by the crowd around each company booth, and how early students arrive before company presentations and start to shoot questions to the companies’ employees.


While it’s very easy to get overly stressed about job searching, what is equally important is to remain in our stretch zone rather than panic zone. Most important of all, I am very touched by how willingly alumni and representatives from various companies are to lend a hand to us to share their experiences and sincere suggestions, and how supportive and comforting words from classmates are when I was exhausted from both academic and professional pressures. As one friend said to me, the next one year will definitely be busy and somewhat intimidating. Sometimes you will be frustrated to find a balance, but everything will turn out to be just fine after one/one-and-half years. So why not put on a smile every day and enjoy the process, with the belief that we will get wherever we want to be eventually. ☺


Joyce Pan

I joined Master of Finance program at MIT Sloan graduating in 2017 after finishing my undergraduate degree from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. I am an avid marathon runner, and passionate player of Chinese instrument - Er hu. I also enjoy reading, traveling and sketching in my spare time.


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