At Sloan: A One-day Conference is worth a Year-long Experience

Any student at Sloan is able to join any student run clubs of his interest at the beginning of the school year. Sloan clubs include anything from Quantitative Finance to Basketball. In addition to these, there are multiple student-managed conferences that Sloan students partake in including – the world-famous MIT Sports Analytics conference, the Investment conference (very popular among MFins) and the Sloan Healthcare and Bioinnovations conference (SHBC for short). When I learned about these opportunities for the first time, I knew that there would be something special about being able to take an active part in helping to organize a conference. Impacted by my membership at the Healthcare Club, I decided to join the SHBC team, having been assigned a role in the Operations and Posters teams. The SHBC is an annual conference bringing together industry, academic and policy leaders to discuss the most pressing issues and exciting innovations in the healthcare sector. This year the conference was held on the 6th floor of the MIT Media Lab, and had close to 450 people in attendance.

Interestingly, despite the fact that the conference was going to take place in end of February 2017, we had begun planning back in October. I learned a tremendous amount about how complex even the simplest assignments can get from an operational perspective and the value of ongoing communication and coordination between the different teams (e.g., Marketing, Finance, competitions committees, and Operations). I also realized the importance of assiduously organizing and planning well in advance and of having effective leadership and accountability. All in all it was a meaningful experience that is singular even when juxtaposed to others at Sloan.

Posters team and a speaker at VIP Reception

A question you might have is, does it ever get stressful? The answer is yes, but typically very close to (perhaps two weeks leading to) the day of the conference. Another is, can any student take part in the conferences? Absolutely, it only took filling out a short survey about prior experience and motivation. At least from my experience with the SHBC, the two co-chairs did an excellent job of matching people with the right positions. In short, I believe getting involved in one of the conferences that happen here annually is a great way to contribute and make an impact in a field of interest.

Lior Scheinbach

Lior is a candidate in the MFin program, class of 2017. Lior completed his undergraduate degree in the Medical sciences in Canada. He enjoyed his experience at the Smith School of Business last summer and gained valuable experience in banking prior to arriving to Cambridge. Despite the opinion of most, Lior maintains he has a sense of humor and does his best to keep active in his spare time — even though his athletic talents proved uncompetitive long ago.

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