Author: Luiz Felipe Guimaraes

Luiz Felipe Guimaraes

Luiz Felipe is a candidate in the 12-month MFin program. With a bachelors degree in Economics, he used to do research in Brazil's Applied Economics Research Institute. Guided by his passion for finance, he entered MIT's program aiming to get prepared to work in the financial markets after he graduates.


My Last MFin Post

Last Friday, students from all MIT gathered at the Killian Court to graduate, symbolizing the end of a chapter and successful completion of various difficult requirements. During the ceremony, Tim Cook’s speech felt both inspirational and nostalgic pointing out how selective and highly capable the group of students is. People … Read more 


This time, I want to talk about the Independent Activities Period (also known as IAP). IAP happens in January and everyday all month there are many interesting courses to choose from. Among those classes, there is the Finance Research Practicum (FRP), and although it’s opened to basically all of MIT, … Read more 

A Typical Week

This time I decided to write about how one of my typical weeks feels like as an MFin. It starts in the coolest way it could, with a class on Artificial Intelligence I am taking in the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering department. I mean, what a better place to … Read more 

End of Summer Term

Hello Everyone!
Summer is over and today we started our fall term. It’s amazing to look back and realize it’s already been two months of classes and even more amazing to notice the amount of things all MFin’s accomplished.
Summer term was definitely not a breeze, as some might expect. Right from … Read more 

First Day at MIT – Walking Around Campus

Hi! My name is Luiz Felipe, I am from Brazil and I am one of the MFin students who will be writing for the blog. I arrived at Cambridge and settled at Tang Hall, where I sublet a room for the summer term. By the way, if you are lucky enough, … Read more