Author: Torsten Walbaum

Torsten Walbaum

Torsten is a candidate in the 18-month MFin program, class of 2018. Before MIT, he worked on later-stage tech investments and in an early-stage fintech startup. His current goals for his free time are to explore the Boston area restaurant and bar scene as well as to travel Central America and the Caribbean during the breaks.


MFin Flexibility: Classes at MIT Main Campus and Harvard

The Stata Center, designed by Frank Gehry, home of the EECS department
One of the main reasons why I chose to come to MIT and especially picked the MFin program is the incredible flexibility. The required curriculum is very limited and there is ample opportunity to pursue your personal interests … Read more 

Taking a Break

I don’t think anybody comes to MIT because of the breaks; nonetheless, everyone gets pretty excited when we have a couple of days off. On the one hand it is nice to take a break from assignments, exams and the like and have time to reflect on things. The … Read more 

Going back to school after working full-time

While the MFin program does not require full-time work experience, about 50% of the students in each incoming class have had some work experience after their undergrad degree. I am among these students.
So when I came to Cambridge I faced the same challenge that a lot of MBA students face: … Read more 

Deciding on Graduate School

Me at graduation (red circle)
When doing your undergrad degree, at some point you have to decide how you want to approach the start of your career and potential further steps in higher education. Do you go to Graduate School? If yes, when? What school? What program?
In Germany, after the … Read more