Author: Yixiao Gong

Yixiao Gong

Yixiao joins the MFin 2017 in MIT directly after completing her bachelor degree in Beijing, China. She has a strong interest in the intersection of venture capital and consumer goods. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching TED talks, city walking and fashion shooting.


My IAP Trip to Rwanda

During IAP(another blogger Luiz just posted a wonderful blog introducing IAP), I spent nearly two weeks in Kigali, Rwanda, a small but unique East African country that is recovering from the horrible genocide in 1994. Before the trip, I had little knowledge of this country and was even a … Read more 

4 Reasons Why I Love Sloan

The moment I put down this title, I realized there could be tons of reasons of why I love Sloan. In this post. I would like to share four of them.
1.Bridge the gap
At Sloan, we do not just learn theories, we use them as a tool to solve real world … Read more 

My journey as a U-labber

One of the most exciting components of MIT Sloan is its unique idea of learning by doing. Students across programs have access to a wide range of labs from G-LAB to ISRAEL LAB and are able to talk and work with world-changing entrepreneurs through projects. Apart from these onsite … Read more 

Why I initiated a yoga session? Wellness experience at Sloan

Since the moment I decided to become a student blogger, the idea of drafting and publishing my next blog has always caused me to panic. I wanted to share everything I experienced here at Sloan, but I often failed to update it in a timely way, which makes me … Read more 

My first MIT Sloan experience: A welcome dinner in Beijing

MFins and MBAs in the welcome dinner
Hi all! My name is Yixiao and I am excited to start writing my first blog and sharing my experiences here with you. Since this is my first blog, I thought a little bit of background would be helpful.
I was born and raised … Read more