First Day at MIT – Walking Around Campus

Hi! My name is Luiz Felipe, I am from Brazil and I am one of the MFin students who will be writing for the blog. I arrived at Cambridge and settled at Tang Hall, where I sublet a room for the summer term. By the way, if you are lucky enough, Tang has one of the best views of the Charles River.

IMG_2370 After that, I needed to walk around MIT and look at it for the first time as a student. As I was heading to MIT’s main building, I came across its crew boathouse, which, for a rower and sport lover as me, is a stop that can’t be missed. The facilities were amazing, as well as the gear. All I have to show is the Filippi single scull racing shell they have, which is one of the best there is (if not the best).


I continued my way through the campus and I have to say that walking around the campus and seeing the installations was extremely thrilling. The whole campus is breathtaking, but the main building is iconic and the Sloan building, where my fellow MFin classmates and I will have most of our classes, is just as impressive. The whole campus makes you feel the energy and knowledge flowing and you start to feel like you are in the place where big advances in the most varied areas take place. And, now, you are a part of it.IMG_2353


The sudden feeling to do your best and achieve as much as you can takes over you. I guess that is the kind of student they want to attract, the kind that feels passionate about developing whatever branch of knowledge they are interested in. And they provide everything to nourish these students.

I am super excited to see what happens next and actually start my course. I can’t wait to see what challenges I will face and I know this is going to be one of the best experiences in my life!

Luiz Felipe Guimaraes

Luiz Felipe is a candidate in the 12-month MFin program. With a bachelors degree in Economics, he used to do research in Brazil's Applied Economics Research Institute. Guided by his passion for finance, he entered MIT's program aiming to get prepared to work in the financial markets after he graduates.



  1. Very, very nice
    I hope you enjoy your time and learn how to teach.
    Your father is very proud of you

  2. Eugenia Gruber

    Go on sculler, put this boat on the water!

  3. Nicia Maria Dantas

    LuizFelipe,Adorei seu blog voce e realm ente demais. Sei que vai ser um sucesso nos estudos no remo e… com a menias!!!!!! Sou uma mulher muito “proud” porque tenho tres netos no MIT e um filho,para mim uma brasileira eu acho demais!!!!!!! DAQUI A POUCO SOU DONA DO MIT!!!!!!!!!! Um beijao da sua Vo Nicia Maria

  4. Grisha Khachatryan

    Amazing pictures and very nice post!! Congrats, Luiz; Hope you are ready to grasp new knowledge and new ideas at MIT Sloan!))

  5. Proud of you!
    Keep up the excellent work!

  6. Hello Luiz,
    Welcome and nice to see you again on campus for Orientation…have a great weekend and see you next week!

  7. Kimberly Ebeling

    Hi Luiz! I very much enjoyed reading your post. I look forward to following your adventures as an MFin!

  8. Charles River is so beautiful! MIT is my dream! Congrats, Luiz!

  9. Hey Luiz,
    I like MIT and love to read about the campus and the student’s life.
    I dream about going to MIT, but because I live in Germany, I have very slim chances…
    Anyway, thanks for your post!

    Bye, Jana

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