First Week at Sloan!

It has been exactly one week since I set foot on the American soil, and MIT has been nothing short of amazing.

Ask anyone on the street what they think about MIT students, and you are likely to get responses like “Book smart. Awkward. But probably not the most sociable, friendly, or inclusive bunch.” I have to admit that I almost shared this popular opinion before coming to Sloan. But within a week, I am now more than convinced that my fellow MFins are not only outstanding, but also extremely warm, approachable and fun people to be with.

In the past week, we have done so much together — we visited the school campus, explored downtown Boston, cheered for our favourite teams at EURO screening, braved the sweltering summer heat in Public Garden, and even ventured into Harvard’s territory together. Our seven-day-old whatsapp group constantly buzzes with new hangout plans, and our Facebook group is full of pictures of past meetups.

First day with Sloanies at the iconic MIT Great Dome

On MIT tour with fellow Sloanies

Boston chowda and lobster roll

Boston chowda and lobster roll!

Us at Quincy Markets!

Seth and I photobombed at Quincy Markets!

Visiting Boston Common and Public Garden

Chace bringing us around Boston Common and Public Garden

Sloanies occupying Harvard's Widener Library

Chloe leading Sloanies to occupy Harvard’s Widener Library

I am grateful for the many great friends made and good times spent together within such a short time. Being here in MIT is nothing less than a dream come true, and I hope that I will never forget to wake up everyday feeling grateful to be here. If anything, the past week has made me even more excited for what the year has in store for us.

With that,
Happy Independence Day, America.
And here’s to a phenomenal year ahead, MFins!

Dreams do come true!

Jia Lok Lee

Jia Lok constantly aspires to tread on his youthful idealism balanced with pragmatism. He seeks to lead a fruitful life of impact, and believes that it is in giving that one receives. Outside of work, Jia Lok is an avid singer and a travel enthusiast. Having been to more than 20 countries in the last 3 years, he concludes that while he enjoys soaking in local cultures and being amazed by impressive landscapes, it is food that makes him the happiest. ♠



  1. We are proud of you, boy!
    Have a fruitful year in every aspect on this new land to you!
    Continue to be charming and bring sunshine to others……

  2. Kimberly Ebeling

    I’m glad you have had such a great first week, Jia Lok. I look forward to reading more about your adventures as an MFin!

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