MFins Embracing Spontaneity on Thanksgiving Break

If you ask my friend about my willingness to “do something on Thanksgiving” on the weeks and days leading to it, my answers were unequivocally non-committal. Among my responses, “For how many nights again?” and, “Where should we go?”, “who else is coming?”, “I probably have too much work”… and so on. Frankly, I probably was not going to do much during our Thanksgiving break. I lacked clarity – and apparently, I wasn’t alone in doing so.

Thankfully sometimes all it takes is a little push. It required having one classmate to realize we still had an opportunity to do something fun and memorable and not give up on materializing that vision. It was a day before break started and not only did we not have a car or a reservation – we didn’t even have a plan.

What we did from that point on was to embrace spontaneity. How? Well there were two of us, so we needed to decide on a spot at the least so we could pitch to others and recruit. A quick asking around for advise led to a decision – Stowe, Vermont.

Next? Ask around and gather interested classmates. Finalizing this step was not easy, but once we realized we would have between 5 to 8 persons traveling, we started researching most economical mini-van rental options. Perhaps unexpectedly, we decided on Zipcar. The convenience of flexible hours and easy accessibility of this option got us hooked. Gas benefits with Zip were a bonus. Side note (1): as a student at the school, one is eligible for a $15/year membership. Side note (2):  Zipcar is the world’s largest car sharing service and was founded by a Sloan alumna, Robin Chase, SM ’86.

At Stowe Mountain Lodge, we knew we were going to get an authentic experience. In all, 6 brave MFins decided to go on the ‘Trip Without a (clear) Plan”. We were a diverse group much like the MFin class itself – nationalities included: Ukranian, German, Italian, Polish and Canadian (2x).

Weekend home; Stowe Lodge

Weekend home; Stowe Lodge

To make a long story short – we had a blast. Between riding together for over 7 hours on a weekend in our beloved mini-van, learning (and making jokes!) about each other’s nationality and culture, going for a hike on an snowy road (without proper equipment),Snowy road hike setting a fire,Views hike            competing fearlessly after-dark in aspecial edition of Capture the Flag: Snowball Fight, playing Jenga, and even cooking food together, we undoubtedly developed a sense of camaraderie.

Idletyme Brewing restaurant

Idletyme Brewing restaurant

In my personal opinion, our particular group bonded better in this extemporaneous manner than we would have had we had a detailed and predetermined plan of everything we were going to do or try to accomplish while away. This is not to say planning is not beneficial. However, it does mean that not having a detailed plan for a trip shouldn’t necessarily mean no trip. Some of life’s most memorable moments occur spontaneously. What I can say is that as it pertains to our diverse group of MFins – embracing spontaneity and being open-minded is some good Thanksgiving spirit.

Lior Scheinbach

Lior is a candidate in the MFin program, class of 2017. Lior completed his undergraduate degree in the Medical sciences in Canada. He enjoyed his experience at the Smith School of Business last summer and gained valuable experience in banking prior to arriving to Cambridge. Despite the opinion of most, Lior maintains he has a sense of humor and does his best to keep active in his spare time — even though his athletic talents proved uncompetitive long ago.

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