MFin Class of 2018/2019

Candid insights and reflections about MIT Sloan from MFin Class of 2018/19* candidates.

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*includes those in the 12-month program (graduating June 2018) as well as those in the 18-month program (graduating February 2019).

The Sloan Empowerment

Education is empowerment to make choices and encouragement for youth to chase dreams. This is what MIT Sloan provides.
It has long made people wonder, “Why MIT, as a tech giant, offers a Master of Finance program instead of quant-oriented Financial Mathematics/Financial Engineering?” The answer is straightforward: MIT wants to educate … Read more 

MFin Asia Study Tour: The Role of Asia in Global Financial Markets

The MFin Asia Study Tour consists of two components combining invaluable knowledge with action learning.
In the first step, the students explored the current financial landscape of Asia and its role in today’s financial markets during three weeks of classroom lectures. In the second step, I travelled together with 18 MFin … Read more 

Finance Research Practicum: a practical finance experience grounded in theory


Over January (and partially into February) I had the privilege of participating in the Finance Research Practicum at MIT Sloan. Not only did my team and I get to see the day-to-day operations of a large asset manager, but we learned about their research process and, with their guidance, … Read more 

Time Flies Fast!

Summer has come to an end for MFins. Meeting so many new friends from all over the world is indeed overwhelming but very exciting and educational. I got to listen to my classmates’ stories and experiences from thousands of miles away which is very cool. Diversity is one of the best … Read more 

Engaged community, collaborative spirit and future friendships


Dear all,
Welcome to the MFin Class of 2018/2019 student blog! My name is Andrei Cretu and I will be one of the students who will share his experiences over the 18 months I will be attending the MFin Program at the MIT Sloan School of Management.
A couple of months ago, … Read more