MFin Class of 2019/2020

Candid insights and reflections about MIT Sloan from MFin Class of 2019/20* candidates.

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*Includes those in the 12-month program (graduating June 2019) as well as those in the 18-month program (graduating February 2020).

Sloan’s Master of Finance: Making the Most of your Experience

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by to take a glance (for better or for worse) at this mild attempt of a constructive blog post!

I really can’t believe it has almost been a year since grad school started for me. I still remember how antsy, thrilled, invigorated, scared, stressed, … Read more 

The Master of Finance Program: A Transformative Experience

About a year ago, I remember the time I set foot on MIT’s land over a short visit as a prospective student. Back in my previous life in aeronautical engineering, I was enthralled by the energy and the desire to improve the world that pervades MIT. As an engineer, there … Read more 

A Guide on How to Get Prepared for the Master of Finance Experience

Hello prospective MFins and welcome to MIT! I hope this post helps you get a glimpse of the program through the perspective of a current student. I know that this is a stressful period as applications may have become an obsession, but don’t panic; you will soon be rewarded … Read more 

A Day in the Life of a Master of Finance (MFin) Student at MIT Sloan

Hi Everyone,
My name is David and I have the amazing chance to be an MFin student at MIT (12-month program). Prior to coming to MIT, I was doing my undergrad in Applied Mathematics at Ecole polytechnique, a French engineering school, then worked as a quantitative researcher at BNP Paribas in … Read more