Author: Aurelle

As Many Questions as Answers While Meeting the President of Namibia

The day was finally here for one of the headline events of our study tour — the opportunity to meet the President of Namibia, Hage Geingob. Dressed in business formal wear and having been sufficiently prepped on appropriate customs and ways to address him, we climbed out of our vans … Read more 

Reflections from a Dusty Drive to Northern Namibia

As we landed in Namibia the afternoon of Thursday, March 23rd and prepared to depart for our safari adventure in Etosha National Park the morning of Friday, March 24th, our minds were spinning with all that we had seen so far and excitement about all the animals we were about … Read more 

A “Fresh” Look at Botswana Agriculture

Our first “official” visit in Botswana was to a hydroponic farm, Langdon Organics, founded and operated by Michelle Adelman. This farm is notable for not only using any soil — which is the definition of hydroponic — but for also growing much organic produce. Langdon distributes to individuals and businesses … Read more