Author: Devika


Devika is a first-year MBA student at MIT Sloan. She's passionate about improving healthcare access and quality of care for the underserved. She has implemented mobile health systems in Asia and Africa. She enjoys food photography and loves reading and cooking.


When the safari in Etosha blew my mind

Our study tour included a wildlife safari in Etosha National Park in Namibia. When I saw the schedule, I was less excited than most as I was unsure whether we might harm animals by intruding in a reserve area. I also tend to evaluate activities carefully when I feel like … Read more 

Meeting His Excellency, the President of Namibia

On my flight back to Boston, a friend asked me what was my favorite moment of the tour. The memory that came to mind was when I told the President of Namibia that I’d move there if there was a better invitation!
We met the President on the afternoon of March … Read more 

Young 1ove

Day 2 of our Botswana trip took us to an MIT alumni’s nonprofit called Young 1ove. We were at Young 1ove for five hours learning about the culture in Botswana, school-age children and HIV, Young 1ove’s programs and their future plans. It is an evidence-based organization that aims to … Read more