Author: Dnewsome

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (but make sure it really isn’t broken)

Today is the final day of the study tour. It’s hard to believe we’ve done so much in just two weeks. It seems like just yesterday we were having St. Louis beers at News Café, and yet it seems so long ago at the same time. We have done a lot, … Read more 

First impressions of Namibia

We have been in Namibia only one day and already I see huge differences between the two countries in terms of entrepreneurship and self-motivation.
The view of Windhoek from my hotel shows it to be a much more built up and active city than sleepy Gaborone.
Going back to the evidence … Read more 

From Botswana to Namibia

It is hard to believe we are halfway through our trip – at least in terms of countries we are visiting! Today was our last day in Botswana and it appropriately enough ended in a time of group reflection on what we had just seen and heard. It was extremely … Read more