Author: Jonathan Lovett

Jonathan Lovett

Jonathan Lovett is an MBA Candidate in the MIT Sloan Class of 2018. A former Research & Development engineer in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jonathan is interested in learning about sustainable development and innovation in large corporations. Outside of the classroom, Jonathan enjoys traveling, running and using his engineering background to improve family recipes.


Katatura and My Own Black Experience

While we were in Windhoek, we visited Katutura, a low-income neighborhood on the outskirts of the city. Needless to say, our perceptions of Windhoek were strongly challenged by our visit to Katutura.
Katutura, literally translated as “the place where people do not want to live”, was created during South West African … Read more 

In Southern Africa, Rain is Literally Money

Upon arriving in Botswana, our tour group learned that ‘pula’, the currency for Botswana, was also the Setswana word for ‘rain’.   During the rest of our time in southern Africa, rain – or the lack thereof, would play a huge part of the conversations about the economic future of both … Read more 

My Initial Impressions of Botswana

During our last night before going to Windhoek, Namibia, I had time to think about my four-and-a-half days in Botswana’s capital city, Gaborone (pronounced Hab-OR-rho-NEIGH).  Gaborone was unlike any of my expectations of a foreign city.  The city was very accommodating of Western expats; so much so, our hotel’s restaurant prominently … Read more