Author: Eduardo Rios Landa

Namibia: inception

Namibia is a very young country -only 23 years old- and H.E. Hage Geingob is only the 3rd president in all its history. This meeting with H.E. Geingos and with Madame Geingos certainly was one of the highlights of the study tour because it allowed us to hear, first hand, … Read more 

Namibia: Execution

Namibia: execution
We started the day with an amazing performance by the Namibian College of Arts Choir. They rendered a superb performance of a traditional African song. The NCA choir has performed in international events and are considered one of the best choirs in the world. Throughout the day we … Read more 

Botswana: a new economy

The Company
On Monday we started off the day by visiting Langdon Organics, a start up in the agricultural space founded by Michelle Adelman. L.O. specializes in growing organic and hydroponic vegetables in Botswana. This is significantly challenging because Botswana has very few arable land, high temperatures and limited rain fall. … Read more