Author: Mmccormick

Avoiding the Resource Curse

The resource curse is a paradox; countries with an abundance of non-renewable natural resources often have less democracy and less social and economic development than countries with fewer natural resources. You see this curse play out all over the world from Angola to Zimbabwe. It’s a curse that Botswana and … Read more 

My favorite thing about Namibia…

“What’s your favorite thing about Namibia?”
This is a variety of question I like to ask when I am travelling. The answers I get often give me an insight into cultural values, especially when a diversity of people give me the same answer.
“The beauty of our landscape. Namibia is one of … Read more 

Welcome to Gabarone

Landing in Gabarone, Botswana, I was full of expectations. In my head, I had one model of Africa; the bustling cities of West Africa full of loud fabric, informal shops, and motorcycle taxis. On the other hand, I had just come from the orderly Johannesburg suburb of Sandton, which reminded … Read more