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Fierce Battle in National Parks between Conservationism and Commerce

(Sossusvlei 900-year old trees)
The arid dry and scorching grounds of Sossusvlei showcase the continuous battle that exists in the tourism industry between exploiting the gifts of nature for the sake of commerce, and the wish to preserve the grounds in its most authentic state.
It was 32C just after midday … Read more 

Namibian default status set to OPEN, and the resulting stories from it

(Suburban backyard in Windhoek)
The first action-packed five days in Namibia have uncovered the blended ingredients of a country with not only deep European influence, from the Fins, Germans and the Brits, but also interactions with diverse Asian states, which include China and also North Korea. Throughout the conversations with … Read more 

Does Botswana have the Middle Child Syndrome?

(Headquarters of Botswana Development Corporation)
Nestled between Southern African giant elder brothers of international trade of South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe, the proud and aspirational country of Botswana is currently stuck at cross-roads, deciding which road to take to continue their economic development. Botswana can look back and recall the … Read more