New Zealand: Innovation

Innovation Islands: How New Zealand became a global player in the race to innovate

Study Tours give students the opportunity to explore the economic, political, and cultural contexts of business in regions outside the US. Tours are proposed and planned by students, with the guidance of faculty and staff mentors. Below are the reflections of participants exploring how New Zealand became a global player in the race to innovate.

New Zealand: An inspiring place for better understanding the drivers of innovation

When I look back on the time I spent in New Zealand, I am amazed at how much more I’ve learned about the country, its innovation ecosystem, and the peers I traveled with. All in two short weeks.
New Zealand is a place of incredible natural beauty and a startling innovation ecosystem, … Read more 

New Zealand’s Comparative Advantages in Driving Innovation

During our study tour trip to New Zealand, one issue that kept coming to my mind was: What exactly is New Zealand’s comparative advantage, with respect to driving more innovation-driven startups? Are there specific industries the country should focus on more than others? Several of our company visits helped me … Read more 

What Comic Books and Regulatory Reform Have in Common: Updating Bankruptcy Laws for Innovation Success

Imagine if the new X-Men, Avengers or Spider-Man never made it to the big screen. You can thank Marvel and business friendly bankruptcy laws for many of the top grossing superhero action movies of all times. Action movies and bankruptcy law don’t traditionally go together but Marvel was forced to … Read more 

Isolated, but digital and diverse: NZ’s entrepreneurial advantage

Because there’s no secret that New Zealand’s market of 4.5 million people isn’t enough to sustain a new company’s growth for very long, we heard over and over that New Zealand’s startups think from a perspective that is “global from day one.” In the old days (and certainly for some companies … Read more 

Kia Ora! New Zealand – An ecosystem of innovation, collaboration and everything nice!

The New Zealand spirit has always fascinated me. By virtue of following the All Blacks Rugby team and the Kiwi cricket team for years I was naturally curious to visit this small country one day. It was a dream of mine for many years. The study tour with my MIT … Read more 

Eat, Sleep, REAP, Repeat: How NZ can REAP the benefits of early awareness of entrepreneurship


As was mentioned in the last class of our study tour by Mercedes Delgado, us students at this point know almost anything there is to know about REAP. Through both classroom and action learning over the past 2 months we have had the great opportunity to learn about and explore … Read more 

Entrepreneurs and The Growth of an Innovation Ecosystem

There is a plethora of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial spirit in New Zealand. 97% of all businesses are considered small business (less than 19 employees) (source: 2014 New Zealand Small Business Report, MBIE). Framed through the lens of MIT, which is focused on the technology sector, we don’t have hard evidence … Read more 

Scaling Global Innovation in New Zealand

Two incredible weeks in New Zealand flew by! Our 32+ hour trip back to Boston certainly put into perspective just how far New Zealand is from the US and other regions in its isolated locale. But even so, I am looking forward to the next time I return to New Zealand: … Read more 

So…what makes New Zealand’s entrepreneurial ecosystem different than that of Mexico?

In my previous post, I mentioned that I was looking forward to learning more about what New Zealand does as to spur an entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem, and how that contrasts with my experience in my Mexico.
During our visit to New Zealand we held meetings with government entities, entrepreneurs, education … Read more 

Health + Agriculture + Tech = AgriHealthTech?

To sum it up, New Zealand was amazing. Big thanks to the course organizers (Shout outs to: David Benjamin, Natalie Pitcher, Alex Smitham, Julie Yang, and Emily Gallagher) as well as trip admin (Paul Buckley & Neal Hartman) and all the companies we visited.
During our second week in New Zealand, … Read more 

New Zealand & the Number 8 Wire

“Not long ago, NZ was very disconnected from the world and to get or fix anything, they would have to do it themselves. Number 8 wire was used to make fencing for sheep as well as a tool to fix any number of problems on a farm, often in lieu … Read more 

Wellington: an understated tech cluster

Though very much the little sister to Auckland, Wellington in my mind was the perfect echo of the study tour’s tagline: punching above its weight. With “only” a population of 500K, the city has become a backbone of tech capabilities, both hardware and software, for the country and the world.
With … Read more