Author: Gregorys

The Future of Economic Growth in Vietnam

One of many active brick factories on the way to Ha Long Bay

As we begin our 5 hour journey back to Hanoi from Ha Long Bay, I have a moment of subdued quiet to reflect on our time in Vietnam. During this trip we had a chance to see … Read more 

Tale of Two Thailands

The unique MahaNakhon in Bangkok, signs of wealth in a city also filled with street vendors and lined with small shacks
Next on our #SEAtheworld visit is five days in Bangkok. We visited the glass factory of Carabao, an energy drink and snack foods company, Ookbee, a e-book and digital … Read more 

Singapore – Nothing like it.

Supertrees – man made structures designed to look like trees that light up at night
We begin our two plus week study tour to Southeast Asia in Singapore. I had never been to Singapore, but have many Singaporean friends, and was quite looking forward to my visit. Singapore is a … Read more