Author: Khatantuul Filer

Khatantuul Filer

Khatantuul Zorig Filer (Khat) is a 2nd year MBA student at MIT Sloan School of Management where she spends most of her time working on the initial phase of her mobile app startup, learning about entrepreneurship and innovation, and finding ways to improve our lives, to advance our minds and bodies, and to make an impact in the world through emerging technologies (AI, Machine Learning, AR, VR, and IoT). Before coming to Sloan, she was a Technology Consultant at Accenture where she had variety of experiences in product development, business development, strategy, marketing, sales, finance, operations, analytics and project management for the defense sector. She studied Math and Statistics at University of Virginia. She was born and raised in Mongolia and hopes to help develop the country in the long term.


Vietnam: Communist or Capitalist?

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Singapore vs. Bangkok
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Singapore: The Digital Hub of ASEAN

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