Author: Osandoval

The Tiny Village with the Big Heart

From Hanoi to Ha Long Bay, I passed through so many cool towns but the one place that touched my heart was the Yen Duc Village. Yen Duc reminded me of my homeland, Guatemala. My mom is from a small island called Livingston, which is between Guatemala and Belize. Livingston … Read more 

Temasek’s Investment Model

I had the privilege to visit Temasek, the sovereign wealth fund. As background, Temasek is roughly a $240-billion-dollar sovereign wealth fund based in Singapore. In the world of asset management, fund managers are required to at least match the performance of their benchmarks.
Given that Temasek has a significant portion of … Read more 

Something Wall Street Lacks

Today, the large Wall Street US-based banks were exposed on why they have been struggling to grow since the financial crisis. When I visited DBS Bank, a Singaporean financial services corporation, I was reminded on why Wall Street is no longer the hottest place to work after business school. Wall … Read more