West Africa: Education

West Africa Study Tour: Education for Entrepreneurship and Employment

Study Tours give students the opportunity to explore the economic, political, and cultural contexts of business in regions outside the US. Tours are proposed and planned by students, with the guidance of faculty and staff mentors. Below are the reflections of participants studying how education can bolster entrepreneurship and employment in West Africa.

Ghana’s iconic art

Thinking back at our short trip in Ghana back in March 2016 – one place my mind keeps wandering back to is the Artists Alliance Gallery in Accra.
On a short cab trip from our hotel we found this incredible space – in a building that isn’t readily identified as an … Read more 

the strive for excellence

During our recent trip to West Africa, our group had the opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship and education in Ghana through meetings with representatives from various universities, government organizations, companies, and community leaders.
One of the visits that inspired me was a trip to Ashesi University – a private, … Read more 

How we Interact with African Countries

Since the return from Ghana, I’ve been trying to process my biggest takeaways from the experience.
1. The perceptions about Africa in the US are truly unfortunate. As with other underrepresented groups in the US, we as allies can create platforms for better representation.
Because of what we’re shown in the media, … Read more 

Finding Fufu

Eating while traveling has always been my favorite way to experience new places. Prior to our trip, I had almost no experience with Ghanaian food. I knew from our pre-trip packet, to expect rich spicy sauces paired with starchy staples.
Throughout our week in Ghana, I tried many new foods, such … Read more 

Meeting the Queen Mother

Meeting with the Queen Mother in Adidome was an eye-opening experience. Her translator explained to us that it was customary for members of the royal families to speak through a translator to preserve the dignity of their position, but after a few questions, she spoke to us directly. She explained … Read more 

What kind of democracy is in Ghana?

One thing I found extremely interesting during the visit in Ghana is the election poster is almost everywhere in the country, from the most centered area in Accra to the little village near the Bussua Beach.
There are two main parties in Ghana. The general elections will be held in Ghana … Read more 

Reflections on an Unexpected Ending

Classes started again a little over a week ago, and I have been debating what to write about in my final post. Should I focus on Ghana and the wonderful experiences I had there, or should I share my feelings and thoughts about what happened after? Because unfortunately, the West Africa Study Tour ended very … Read more 

Welcoming the Sensory Experience of Ghana

Stepping out of the airport and into the humid night of Accra, I stopped to inhale the distinct, earthy air all around me. I looked into the beautiful, black smiling faces – a throng of at least 100 men and boys holding signs welcoming incoming visitors from all over the … Read more 

The House of Ghana

The news struck us on Friday morning in Accra, our trip to Ivory Coast during the second week of the study tour was indeed going to be cancelled. MIT decided on safety first and pulled the plug following the recent terrorist attack in Grand Bassam. Our relaxed fun day to … Read more 

Should China invest?

One of the key motivations for me to go to the West Africa Study Trip is China’s overseas investment in Africa. In December 2015, Chinese president Xi Jinping offered another whopping $60 billion loan and aid package to Africa. In recent years, China’s investment in Africa has skyrocketed from $7 … Read more 

Why Africa?

Africa is definitely not on my agenda before I came to MIT. I accidentally came across the African club during the club events at the beginning of the fall semester. I passed by the booth, and due to some unknown curiosity, I talked to the lady, who I even didn’t remember … Read more 

Trip to Africa

Since we had to change our trip, I went to Ethiopia for a few days. Consequently, while nothing was officially set up to inform me regarding education and entrepreneurship, I did want to draw a few comparisons between Ghana and Ethiopia because I found it very informative to be able … Read more