Author: Aaron

Reflections on our trip

I often have mixed feelings while traveling – the excitement and awe of going somewhere completely new contrasted with the frustrations of miscommunication, the tiredness that follows trying to fit everything into a busy day, and the yearning for a more comfortable bed. Usually after a few days of being … Read more 

Perspectives on education

Crowded into a rooftop bar trying to stay dry in the torrential rain wasn’t quite where I imagined I’d be having a deep conversation about education with an entrepreneur in Accra, but the whole trip to Ghana was filled with surprises, so why not? This particular entrepreneur is trying to … Read more 

Jet lagged dreaming

Where to begin?  Even though we’ve had just a handful of classes during the semester, it feels like we’ve covered quite a lot of content!  I had an interest in education (I was a teacher in China for a while, and ran a few company training programs at my last job) and I’ve … Read more