Author: Ben S

The 2 Biggest Threats To Healthy Growth

In the process of returning home, albeit a week early and without getting to experience Ivory Coast, I began to think about 2 key obstacles to growth.
1. Upon returning, along with a surprising number of classmates, I fell sick. While I suffered from a fever (I am fine now), I recognized how countries like … Read more 

How to Teach an Old Farmer New Tricks

Our trip to Ashesi University was full of impressive people, views, stories, and accomplishments. My favorite had to have been Sesu-mu, a student-led agriculture project helping local farmers improve their important work. The student leaders impressed me with their business knowledge, creativity, and genuine passion for humanity’s most important work–agriculture. … Read more 

The #1 Challenge for Labor

On our visit to Cocoa Touton Processing Company in the Tema Freezone, our host, Eric, casually mentioned that getting good employees is no problem. There are far more qualified applicants than positions available. I’m sure this is true for far more than just workers in a cocoa processing plant. While … Read more 

The 2 Most Important Things to Do When Traveling to a New Country

Having overseen university students participating in international travel to the region for many years now, I continue to get a thrill out of seeing the realizations students have at how amazingly diverse the world is. Over the years I have seen that the people who gain the most from their … Read more