Author: Csallen4

Trip to Africa

Since we had to change our trip, I went to Ethiopia for a few days. Consequently, while nothing was officially set up to inform me regarding education and entrepreneurship, I did want to draw a few comparisons between Ghana and Ethiopia because I found it very informative to be able … Read more 

Reflections on Ghana

I came away from my week in Ghana with 3 major impressions: #1 tremendous achievement and passion, #2 significant resources, and #3 many, many questions.
I was very impressed by the achievements and passion of many Ghanians in the face of many obstacles. One of the primary obstacles they seem to … Read more 

Can’t believe it’s happening

Back in November of 2015 I started looking at the study tours, thinking, where do I want to go? I had decided before starting Sloan that one of my goals was to take advantage of the unique opportunities for travel that it affords.
I looked at the different options, considering them … Read more