Author: Helen

Demand for talent in Ghana: “it’s not a problem” or extremely difficult?

One of the questions on the top of my mind for our trip to Ghana was what kind of skills Ghanaian youth are developing and what employers are looking for. Ghana is not alone in having the dual challenge of high levels of youth unemployment even after tertiary degrees in … Read more 

Drones, Robots and Entrepreneurship at Ashesi University

A futuristic tour guide
The next time you’re in Ghana, if you visit the 14-year old private Ashesi University, chances are you’ll be guided by a mobile robot enabled with a Microsoft Kinect to lead visitors. Students have been developing these tour guides to apply what they are learning … Read more 

How did we get here? Planning the West Africa Study Tour

Seven months ago I had just arrived on campus and was attending the first African Business Club meeting of the semester. One of the officers told us that they were hoping to organize a trip to West Africa in the spring after a successful East Africa trip last year. Little … Read more