Author: Jiankang

The House of Ghana

The news struck us on Friday morning in Accra, our trip to Ivory Coast during the second week of the study tour was indeed going to be cancelled. MIT decided on safety first and pulled the plug following the recent terrorist attack in Grand Bassam. Our relaxed fun day to … Read more 

Ghana – the Beginning of Change

Ominous news from Ivory Coast reached us on the morning when we were flying out to West Africa. Grand Bassam, a coastal town and UNESCO heritage site was under terrorist attack with 16 civilian casualties. An unsettling feeling took over the group, what was supposed to be a celebration of … Read more 

Ready for Takeoff

Nearly twenty months have passed since I last took off from Africa, with one ocean, thousands of new faces and almost an entire MBA program between us. On Monday we will be reunited, me and the mother of all continents.
The continent is … Read more