Author: Jlehman

Trip retrospective

In all honesty, it is hard for me to look back on this trip without seeing it as incomplete. Following attacks and several threats against foreigners in Cote d’Ivoire, MIT sent us back to the US early to avoid any trouble. While I fully understand that decision – MIT is … Read more 

Energy and infrastructure challenges in Ghana

As one of the resident energy geeks on our trip to Ghana, I found myself diving into a number of fascinating conversations about electricity regulation and access. Electricity access is critical for nearly all businesses, and having access to two additional hours of lighting per day for studying can lead to dramatic … Read more 

The day before

I am a day away from flying to Ghana. I have been wanting to visit Africa for years, and now I finally find myself on the eve of my first trip there.
My curiosity about Africa has many components – the people, the cultures, the environment, and more. But on this trip, I … Read more