Author: Joyz

What kind of democracy is in Ghana?

One thing I found extremely interesting during the visit in Ghana is the election poster is almost everywhere in the country, from the most centered area in Accra to the little village near the Bussua Beach.
There are two main parties in Ghana. The general elections will be held in Ghana … Read more 

Should China invest?

One of the key motivations for me to go to the West Africa Study Trip is China’s overseas investment in Africa. In December 2015, Chinese president Xi Jinping offered another whopping $60 billion loan and aid package to Africa. In recent years, China’s investment in Africa has skyrocketed from $7 … Read more 

Why Africa?

Africa is definitely not on my agenda before I came to MIT. I accidentally came across the African club during the club events at the beginning of the fall semester. I passed by the booth, and due to some unknown curiosity, I talked to the lady, who I even didn’t remember … Read more