Author: Juliana Kerrest

Reflections on an Unexpected Ending

Classes started again a little over a week ago, and I have been debating what to write about in my final post. Should I focus on Ghana and the wonderful experiences I had there, or should I share my feelings and thoughts about what happened after? Because unfortunately, the West Africa Study Tour ended very … Read more 

A Surprising and Inspirational Conversation about Mental Illness in Ghana

(Written March 17, 2016)
We have been in Ghana for several days now, and already I have learned, seen, and experienced so much. I could write pages about all of it, but for this post I will focus on a young man I met yesterday during our cultural day.
Jonas was assisting us during our … Read more 

Class Learnings Before the Big Trip

While I have previously been to West Africa, when I did a college internship in Niger, every country in the region is unique in its own way and I am very much looking forward to contrasting my experience there eight years ago to the experiences-to-come in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.
I’m French-American … Read more