Author: Mikeng

Ashesi, a university for navy seals… sort of

A guest speaker in our study tour class once explained, “Africa’s startup scene doesn’t suffer because of the lack of funding, it suffers because of the lack of credible teams and good ideas”.  To be fair, most of the ideas from MBAs aren’t so great either.  Then we had this … Read more 

Challenges of Education and Equality in Developing Countries

For those who could afford it, the private and international schools in Ghana provide relatively high quality education and produce impressive students who go on to become business and political leaders. Unfortunately, those still represent a small minority. Our tour guide, Stephen, had to walk 5km to go to public … Read more 

The Role of Technology in Education and Long-run Productivity in West Africa

During the inaugural class of our study tour, we watched a video depicting life in rural Cote d’Ivoire. Fascinated by the drastic differences in amenities, I Googled the GDP per capita: US$1,529 in Cote d’Ivoire and US$1,858 in Ghana. This was in stark contrast to the US$53,042 in the United … Read more